Thomas R. Horgan, President Emeritus

Thomas R HorganPresident Emeritus

Thomas R. Horgan, Ed.D., is President Emeritus of the New Hampshire College & University Council (NHCUC), a statewide not-for-profit consortium of public and private colleges and universities.  He joined the NHCUC on November 15, 1993, after having served as President of the Nebraska independent College Foundation (NICF) in Omaha, NE.  He also served a term as a State Senator in the Nebraska State Senate, where he was elected chair of the Retirement System Committee.

Dr. Horgan has extensive leadership experience in higher education and inter-institutional collaboration.  He is the immediate past chair of the National Association for Collaborative Leaders, was instrumental in the founding of Campus Compact for New Hampshire and in the establishment of the Unique College Savings Plan.  He represents New Hampshire as a delegate to the New England Board of Higher Education and as a Commissioner to the Education Commission of the States.

Prior to joining the Nebraska Independent College Foundation in 1988, he served as Director of State Government Relations for the InterNorth Corporation and was elected to the Omaha School Board.

A recognized leader on higher education issues he was selected by Business New Hampshire Magazine as one of New Hampshire’s Leaders for the 21st Century.

He holds an undergraduate degree from Morningside College, a master of public administration degree from the University of Nebraska and a doctorate in education from New England College.

Dr. Horgan is the author of, The Role of the Consortium Director, Best Practices in Higher Education Consortia: How Institutions Can Work Together, Josey Bass, 1999; and Leveraging Resources, Higher Education for Workforce Development, Leveraging Resources Through Partnerships, Josey Bass, 2002.