The Academic Affairs Committee meets regularly to explore potential collaborative programs and resource sharing opportunities, hosts an annual academic affairs conference, sponsors Teaching and Learning seminars for faculty, and fosters increased dialogue on ways academic resources and experiences can be shared among institutions.


The Admission Directors’ Committee provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and best practices, the pursuit of joint recruitment initiatives, including collaborative marketing and a shared web site, collaboration on programs to create enhanced learning experiences for students and the sponsorship of an annual High School Counselor Tour Program.


The Career Advisors Committee sponsors the annual NHCUC JobFair, inter-institutional professional development, and job placement services.


The Library Directors Committee meets regularly to improve resource sharing and to devise ways to avoid costly duplication, manage the Interlibrary Delivery System providing access to holdings from most member institutions and the State Library, pursue joint purchasing opportunities and provide inter-institutional professional development.


The New Hampshire Multicultural Student Affairs Consortium gives voice to underrepresented students and their allies and serves as a clearinghouse for the outreach, retention, support, enrichment, and advancement of students from underrepresented groups on our New Hampshire college and university campuses.