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Access News

Access News is a quarterly newsletter for community organizations, advocates, policy makers, educators and civic-minded individuals committed to increasing access to higher education and enhancing the K-12 pipeline.

The main objective of Access News is to provide updates of programs and activities related to access in the Granite State.


A scholarship is money that you don’t have to pay back. The more scholarships you get, the fewer student loans you’ll need. Apply for as many scholarships as you can to increase the probability of getting one.

Click on the link above to learn more about scholarships designed for students in the state of New Hampshire. Scholarship information includes local New Hampshire opportunities as well as national scholarship programs.

2010 College Access Resource Book

The Access Resource Book was born in response to the request made by our partners to produce a directory of access resources in the State of New Hampshire and beyond. The 2010 Resource Book compiles 204 resources in 15 categories: New Hampshire Colleges & Universities, Financial Aid, Scholarships, Budgeting and Saving, Financial Literacy, College Search Engines, College Application Online, College Application Essay, SAT-ACT, Career Surveys and Information, Access Resources, Publications/Research, Associations/Government Agencies, Business/Community, and Other Useful Sites.

Undergraduate Majors at
4-Year Colleges & Universities

Use this 11″x17″ downloadable grid to find all the academic majors available to students that pursue higher education in New Hampshire. There are approximately 150 majors/programs offered through the Consortium’s 15 colleges and universities.

Associate Degrees & Certificates at
2-Year Colleges

Use this downloadable grid of 86 Associate Degrees and 116 Certificates and Professional Certificates Programs offered through the Community College System of New Hampshire at 7 campuses around the state.

Graduate Programs at
4-Year Colleges & Universities

Use this 11″x17″ downloadable grid to identify graduate programs in a multitude of fields of study in New Hampshire. The grid compiles information about 48 certificates programs, 123 master degree programs and 38 doctoral degree programs in the Granite State. Many course are offered online or in the evening to help you build skills, advance your career or launch a new one.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Download a list of athletics programs at postsecondary education institutions in the state. This 11″x8.5″ grid offers more than 20 sports in the state both for women and men.