Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase opportunities and pathways to assist underrepresented students in accessing higher education opportunities.  NHCUC manages two GEAR UP programs:  GEAR UP Manchester and GEAR UP New Hampshire.  Visit for more information.

GEAR UP promotes a college going culture at the schools within these regions we will work to build the following attributes:

  • Aspiration – School setting that inspires and supports students’ college and career goals
  • Rigor – College and career success will be linked to academic preparation
  • Expectation – Schools will provide clear pathways to college that promote college knowledge and give students support toward college readiness
  • Accountability – Schools will use appropriate data to gauge progress and design interventions
  • Sustainability – we work with schools to transform them to college going culture into the future

We have identified high impact levers that will provide the framework for New Hampshire’s GEAR UP Alliance work:

  • Academic Rigor – Offering a rigorous college preparatory curriculum with the appropriate mix of content areas and deep development of writing and critical thinking skills so that students are prepared for college level coursework
  • College Matching – Counseling students to research, apply to and attend schools that are a good match for them academically, socially, and financially, and have high graduation rates and strong support structures in place for first-generation, low-income students
  • Social and Non Cognitive Skills – Supporting students to develop critical social, emotional, and/or non-cognitive skills (e.g., self-advocacy, self-awareness, persistence, self-discipline) to persist in the face of obstacles
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships – Engaging students and families, from as early as middle school, with information and tools that position them to be active participants in searching for and acquiring financial aid and scholarship resources for their college experience