Policy Guidelines


Directions for distribution of forms

Step I: Home institution completes the top half of the original form and sends to Host institution prior to March 1.

Step II: Host institution completes bottom half of the original form (must have completed admission application from student); retains a copy; and returns the original to Home Institution.

Step III: Home institution distributes a copy of completed form to the parent/student; retaining original copy for own file.

Participating Institutions:

Colby-Sawyer College New Hampshire Institute of Art
Franklin Pierce University Rivier University
Hellenic American University Saint Anselm College
New England College Southern New Hampshire University
New Hampshire College & University Council (NHCUC Concord Office)  

Policy Guidelines

1. Dependent sons and daughters of eligible faculty and staff of the above listed participating institutions may attend any of the cooperating institutions on a tuition free basis, only when enrolled on a full-time basis. The Internal Revenue Service definition of a child dependency will be used to determine eligibility. The employee must provide either current tax return or signed statement confirming the dependency of the student verifying that the student is an IRS dependent of the employee/guardian. All students participating must have the prior permission of the two colleges involved. Participation is on a space available basis.

2. For purposes of this agreement, eligible faculty and staff will be restricted to those continuously employed full time by one NHCUC institution for a period of at least twelve months, is eligible for full-time employee benefits, and is receiving compensation for their employment, directly from the HOME institution before they receive the benefit. Once an employee becomes eligible for this benefit, his/her eligibility will remain in force while employed full time at any participating NHCUC institution. Once certified for participation in the tuition remission program, the dependent student will be eligible to receive the benefit only while the parent/guardian remains employed at a participating institution. If employee leaves or is dismissed from employment, the benefit is terminated at the end of the current academic semester. The HOME institution is responsible for notifying the HOST institution of any change in employment.

3. Students accepted and enrolled on the basis of the Cooperative Tuition Remission Program shall be liable for room, board, fees, and other miscellaneous charges.

4. Tuition waivers must be requested on an annual basis prior to March 1 for the following academic year. Full time students who intend to enroll for only the January term still must meet the March 1 deadline.

5. The New Hampshire College & University Council will serve as coordinator for this Cooperative Tuition Remission Program. It will provide the necessary administration, including annual statistical summaries of tuition remission transactions for each cooperating institution. The NHCUC will annually survey the institutions for the data.

6. A record of the number of participating students, their name, and term(s) enrolled will be sent by each institution to the NHCUC annually. The NHCUC will compile a summary report and distribute it to the Coordinators and their Presidents.

7. Applicants for tuition remission must make regular application for admission to the HOST institution and must meet all admission requirements of the Host institution by March 1.

8. This agreement is applicable only to regular, undergraduate, full time, campus-based, day students during the regular academic year and does not pertain to summer school, does not pertain to continuing education, does not pertain to special programs, and does not pertain to distance education.

9. Any institution has the option to refuse to accept additional students from any or all participating colleges when in its judgment an excessive imbalance exists between students received and students sent. Students currently enrolled will not be affected by the exercise of this option during the current academic year. The exercise of this option will not affect the institution’s continuing participation in this program.

10. Scholarship and grant aid awarded by the participating college does not generally exceed the cost of tuition. This policy also applies to recipients of NHCUC tuition remission and all other programs with similar benefits.

Any cooperating institution may cease participation in this agreement by giving written notice to the NHCUC office provided enrolled students are allowed to complete the academic year.