Request for Proposals

New Hampshire College and University Council

Government Relations and Advocacy

Our Organization

The New Hampshire College & University Council (NHCUC) is a non-profit consortium of public and private higher education institutions in New Hampshire. Founded in 1966, the NHCUC was incorporated by the colleges to oversee programs designed to strengthen educational services and improve operating efficiencies. Today, under the direction of a board comprised of member college presidents, the NHCUC manages a variety of programs as well as providing a voice for higher education in our state.

Scope of Service

The NHCUC desires to enter a professional services contract with a qualified individual or firm with competency and experience in providing, primarily, state government relations services for the NHCUC. The NHCUC seeks an experienced firm or individual to provide general government relations and legislative representation services promoting our legislative and public policy interests before the New Hampshire state legislature, with the governor’s offices, and with other governmental agencies as appropriate. Contact and representation with NH’s congressional delegation may also be occasionally involved under this contract.


The selected individual or firm should, at a minimum, possess:

A history of successful government relations experience representing clients in New Hampshire at both the legislative and administrative levels,

A strong working knowledge and relationship with NH’s legislative, executive, and administrative leaders,

An appreciation for and knowledge of the multiple issues confronting New Hampshire’s public and private, not-for-profit, higher education sector.

Contract Duties

Duties to be performed under this contract will include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Assist the NHCUC to identify and prioritize issues of interest to its members
  • Advise the NHCUC on the development of a forward thinking and pro-active government relations strategy
  • Represent and advocate for the NHCUC on priority issues as requested and provide summaries of discussions/hearings outcomes
  • Arrange and facilitate meetings with legislators, members of the executive branch, state officials and other thought leaders, using virtual and/or in person strategies, as needed.
  • Routinely monitor bills and provide updates to the NHCUC on those issues relevant to higher education
  • Draft and edit testimony and other government relations communications as requested
  • Provide weekly legislative and issue updates to NHCUC leadership
  • Demonstrate the capacity to navigate the complexities of an association comprised of multiple members with diverse interests
  • Identify opportunities to advance the cause of higher education in NH and ensure the NHCUC is engaged and a participant in critical policy discussions impacting the higher education sector
  • Coordinate and collaborate with others representing institutions of higher education in New Hampshire for the mutual benefit of the higher education sector


The NHCUC seeks to enter an annual contract and expects work to start on or before January 1, 2021 to include the 2021 legislative session. This contract will terminate on December 31, 2021, with any extensions to be negotiated annually and with mutual consent of the parties to the agreement.

Response Requested

In addition to a description of prior experience and qualifications please respond to the following questions:

  • How will you address the scope of services listed above?
  • Please provide examples of pervious and relevant success in government relations activities.
  • Describe any prior experience working with higher education.
  • Please share your perspective on the various issues confronting the higher education sector.
  • Please identify the key personnel who will be working on this contract.

Contract Fees

Please describe how your proposed contract fee will be expended and billed on a monthly basis.

Submitting Responses

Please email proposals with the subject line “Government Relations” to Ciaran Farley at by 5:00 pm on December 11, 2020. We will contact you with any questions.

Updates will be posted on the NHCUC website

Additional questions or inquiries can be made to Deborah Scire, President NHCUC,